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"The SAIGYOKU BOARD" is the new ceramics materials which can easily produce a work with a chisel.
"The SAIGYOKU BOARD " is different from the wood, and even a beginner can easily enjoy the production of the work because it is hard not to come to sharpen it by a course to reduce.
Using " The SAIGYOKU BOARD ", you can create the works such as a relief, a sculpture, a carved letter.

“THE SAIGYOKU BOARD" is introduced the textbook of calligraphy for Japanese high schools, and it is used as the teaching materials in a Japanese elementary school, a junior high school, a high school.

Home page
For preparation and coloring
How to make the relief
How to make the carver letter

● Sculpture

● Nameplate(relief)

● Carved letter

sclpture sclpture sclpture
sclpture sclpture sclpture

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