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How to make the relief
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How to make the relief.

*Please refer to "For preparation and coloring"

Before starting the production of the work, we have a motif that first picture.

According to the size of the paper board and draw design. (See fig.1)

A method to carve

  • You carve some outline parts.
  • When the work is completed carve be most lower part. (Mark put ※ on board in fig.2 ) Chisel out about half the thickness of the entire board.
  • You carve the whole while confirming the balance of unevenness and the design.
  • Or with a change in the surface relief, nor shaving the surface, and create a sense of depth and perspective. Suffers no deep carve and finish only a part, do a little shaping the whole. (See fig.3)
  • Had accidentally lacking parts, adhesives and water-based wood adhesive, etc., can be repaired to some extent.
  • The absence of design while continuing to work is complemented by original pencil drawing by watching.

to finishing

  • Take the corner of the contour round. (See fig.4)
  • Polish the entire by sandpaper, is complete.
  • You remove waste and powder by brush.



To carve outline parts


To carve the whole


To polish

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