Providing cutting-edge multifunction inorganic materials:thermal insulation materials,fireproof materials ,non-combustible building materials for designing, humidity conditioning building materials, boards for sculpture and others.

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[Characteristics of our products]
JAPAN INSULATION produces and sells molded boards made of an inorganic material, Xonotlite-type calcium silicate.

Xonotlite-type calcium silicate molded boards have the following characteristics:


The principal ingredient is calcium silicate, an inorganic material comprising silica and lime. The product is a certified non-combustible material under Japan’s applicable law. The material is resistant to heat up to 1000 degrees Celsius and tolerant of any type of heat.

pointHighly Shapeable

The board is light and strong and can be processed into a variety of different shapes. For use in the design materials, we provide ready-made or customized shapes. The product is desirable for those who seek originality.


The material is inorganic with a specific gravity of approximately 0.3 to 0.6, which is equivalent to dried lumber. It is easy to handle and suited for any application.

pointEnvironment friendly

The material contains no volatile organic compounds, such as formaldehyde. And the material dose not include asbestos, CFCs. The material is made from and returns to the soil.

We provide a variety of products:

  • Thermal insulation and fire-resistant cladding materials for plants
  • Non-combustible interior building material for design materials
  • Moisture-conditioning interior building material
  • Material for carving out letters and sculptures
  • Fire-resistant building cladding material for design materials
  • Inorganic powder

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[Topics] 2017.01.16
Construct new plant and start manufacturing thermal insulation materials in Viet Nam.
For details, please see the Viet Nam plant site!

Founded in 1914, JAPAN INSULATION is based in Japan, and currently manufactures and sells heat insulating materials made of Xonotlite-type calcium silicate. In addition, the company develops, produces, and sells disaster prevention materials to disturb a fire, including fireproof and non-combustible materials for buildings, non-combustible interior materials for ships, thermal insulation materials for plant equipment, fireproof materials for telecommunication cables for bridges and tunnels, boards for processing sculptures and signboards, and lightweight and highly heat resistant inorganic powder. JAPAN INSULATION has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification for international management standards, which ensures its quality control and environment conservation systems. The company contributes to disaster prevention materials to disturb a fire and energy saving throughout the world via its advanced high-tech inorganic material-----Xonotlite-type calcium silicate.

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