Providing cutting-edge multifunction inorganic materials:thermal insulation materials,fireproof materials ,non-combustible building materials for designing, humidity conditioning building materials, boards for sculpture and others.

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Thermal insulation materials for plant equipment

Fire-resistant cladding materials for plant equipment

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Lightweight molded thermal insulation material with high heat-resistant property

Molded fire-resistant cladding material for plant equipment

Fire-resistant cladding materials for the design of general buildings

Non-combustible interior materials for the design of general buildings

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Building material with high design potential that covers structural steel and seismic isolators to protect them from the heat of a fire

Non-combustible building material easy to shape

Mold Material for CFRP

Humidity conditioning building materials

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Mold material for molding carbon fiber reinforced plastic composite material (CFRP) using thermosetting resin.

Building material that absorbs and releases moisture to control humidity automatically

Board for carving out letters and sculptures

Lightweight inorganic powder

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Material that utilizes the excellent workability of the molded board

Powder product that uses the base material of Xonotlite-type calcium silicate